Yoga Online classes

You can choose to join an online class or do a one-on-one yoga class online. I use the Zoom platform for my online yoga classes, but for a private class other platforms can be used. The first class is for free so that you can see if this yoga and the online concept is something for you. 

The online yoga classes in English are either MediYoga or HormonyYoga. Both these forms of yoga are soft and gentle yoga with focus on breathing and relaxation and the exercises can be done sitting on your yoga mat on the floor or on a chair.

Online yoga classes in English

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Online yoga classes in Swedish
and if you want to join one of my classes in Swedish, you are most welcome

DayTime GMTTime CET

If you want to know more about my yoga classes, and what to expect, you can try a class on your own here.

If you want to join my online yoga classes, please contact me.

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