About HormonyYoga

Yoga for better balance in body and mind

HormonyYoga is a calm and meditative form of yoga. A body mind training that quiets the mind, creates space for recuperation, enhances your bodily awareness and balances your nervous system as well as your hormonal system. HormonyYoga practice contributes to increased mobility, flexibility and stamina with focus on the human being as a whole.

HormonyYoga – Medical yoga for women is a concept developed by Ellen Engvall. Women’s health is key in the concept, to help women find themselves and master all phases of their lives, and to create a lifestyle filled with great joy and radiant inspiration. HormonyYoga has its roots in traditional yoga with movements inspired from Kundaliniyoga and MediYoga. Ellen is a midwife, a MediYoga teacher and therapist and she has trained more than 700 instructors and teachers within MediYoga and in her own concept for hormonal balance and pregnancy yoga for all women. 

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