Do yoga on your own!

Below you find some examples of breathing exercises and shorter yoga classes. Make sure that you do all exercises slowly and softly. Most exercises have alternatives where you can sit on a chair or on cross-legged on the floor.

At the end of an exercise there is a breathing sequence where you lift up your pelvis and draw your navel towards your spine (it is called a root-lock in yoga) and hold this tension for a short time. This will give a better effect of the exercise. If you have your period or are pregnant – do deep breaths instead.

Soft balancing yoga with focus on your adrenal glands (on you back) and your thyroid gland (on the front of your throat) as well as breathing and relaxation. When we focus on a certain gland, the activity in the cells in that area increase. (40 min).
Music by Joel Duberg
Recuperation – deep balancing breathing (14 min). Music by Joel Duberg
Soft, calm yoga with focus on breathing, spine health and relaxation.

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