Do yoga on your own!

Below you find some examples of breathing exercises and shorter yoga classes. Make sure that you do all exercises slowly and softly. Most exercises have alternatives where you can sit on a chair or on cross-legged on the floor.

At the end of an exercise there is a breathing sequence where you lift up your pelvis and draw your navel towards your spine (it is called a root-lock in yoga) and hold this tension for a short time. This will give a better effect of the exercise. If you have your period or are pregnant – do deep breaths instead.

HormonyYoga with focus on your adrenal and thyroid gland – about 45 min.
We will do the following exercises:
– Deep balancing breathing.
– Cat/cow with hip-circles.
– Hip lifts.
– Cobra.
– Neck half-circles.
– Rest, stretch and a breathing exercise.

The class is in this link and you find the exercises below.

Deep balancing breathing – about 14 min.
Guided breathing exercise that every medical yoga class begins with. You can do this as a class on its own for recuperation and activating the parasympathetic (rest and digest) system in your body.

You find a link to the deep balancing breathing here.

Yoga with focus on spine health and relaxation – about 50 min.
The exercises we will do are:
– Deep balancing breathing.
– Spine circles.
– Back and neck flex.
– Shoulder lifts and shoulder rolls.
– Rest, stretch and a breathing exercise.

You find the class in this link and find the exercises below.

Yoga Nidra – a guided relaxation  – about 25 min.
Lie down in a comfortable position and just listen and receive. Yoga Nidra – yogic sleep in the interface between awake and asleep. If you fall asleep, no problem, that is what your body needs right now…

You find the link to this guided relaxation here.

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