Yoga can strengthen the brain and prevent dementia

A new study from Jönköpings university and Region Jönköpings county summarises the effects of physical exercise on cognitive functions. Cognitive functions are memory, attention, decision making and how quickly the brain processes information.

Mind body exercise improves cognitive function more that aerobid-and resistance exercise in healthy adults aged 55 years and older – an umbrella review. The study aimed to determine the type of exercises that is most effective for improving cognitive functions.

Some quotes from the study.
“To promote healthy aging, mind-body exercises should serve as a complement to other types of exercise.
“Mind-body exercise – classified as exercise which combines movement sequences, breathing control, and attention regulation. Examples of mind-body exercise are Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga.”
“Regular training over a longer period is more beneficial for promoting cognitive functioning that a single bout of acture exercise.”

You can find the full study here.