About me – Lena Scharp

After many years in the banking and IT industry , I changed
focus and I am now working as a yoga teacher. I’m a certified teacher
in MediYoga, HormonyYoga, Hathayoga and Yoga Nidra.

I started with yoga a number of years ago and noticed how good yoga made me feel. With regular yoga practice I also noticed that I was able to lower my asthma medication.
My husband, who experienced back problems (lumbago), was
advised to start practising MediYoga. After only a few months of training his back pain eased off and today he has hardly any
problems at all. This made me curious about this type of yoga.

Yoga teacher-trainings

To become a certified MediYoga teacher you need a basic course in medicine, which for me, with my background in banking and IT, was a new and interesting area.
To learn more about one of the classic forms of yoga, I also completed the Hatha Yoga teacher training. In this 200-hour training, a lot of focus is on anatomy and understanding the human body.
In January 2021 I added a yoga teacher training in HormonyYoga – medical yoga for hormonal balance and in January 2022 I became a certified Yoga Nidra teacher. Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation technique. About yoga will explain more about the different yoga types.

To learn how to teach different types of yoga has given me both knowledge and inspiration on how to combine and create classes. Yoga teacher trainings are often described in hours, and I have over 700 hours of teacher training to support me in delivering classes, workshops and retreats.

In Nice, France

Late in 2018, I moved from Stockholm to Nice to study French.
During my working life, I have lived in several different countries and think it is wonderful to get to know this lovely part of France living here, and not just during holidays.

To be able to work with yoga in France I have started a company, a so-called “Microentreprise”. I have learned a lot by starting a French company, both in terms of what to do and how things work. 
I teach yoga classes in Swedish, Norwegian, English, German or French.

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