About me

After many years in the banking and IT industry , I changed
focus and I am now working as a yoga teacher. I’m a certified teacher
in MediYoga and in Hathayoga.

I started with yoga a number of years ago and noticed how good yoga made me feel. With regular yoga practice I also noticed that I was able to lower my asthma medication.
My husband, who experienced back problems (lumbago), was
advised to start practising MediYoga. After only a few months of training his back pain eased off and today he has hardly any
problems at all. This made me curious about this type of yoga.

To become a certified MediYoga teacher you need a basic course in medicine, which for me, with my background in banking and IT, was a new and interesting area.
To learn more about one of the classic forms of yoga, I also completed the Hatha Yoga teacher training. In this 200-hour training, a lot of focus is on anatomy and understanding the human body.

Late in 2018, I moved from Stockholm to Nice to study French.
During my working life, I have lived in several different countries and think it is wonderful to get to know this lovely part of France living here, and not just during holidays.

When I came here in September 2018 I was given the opportunity to teach yoga classes at Rivieraklubben (Association Suédoise de la Côte d’Azur) at Villa Ingeborg in Cagnes sur Mer. I can also provide yoga classes at your home or your job, individually or in groups.

To be able to work with yoga in France I have started a company, a so-called “Microentreprise”. I have learned a lot by starting a French company, both in terms of what to do and how things work. 
I teach yoga classes in Swedish, Norwegian, English, German or French.

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