Group yogaclasses – one-on-one lessons

There are many different types of yoga. I teach both classical HathaYoga, two types of medical yoga, and the guided relaxation that is called Yoga Nidra.
MediYoga is a calm, therapeutic type of yoga. The focus on breathing, relaxation, back and hip mobility. Exercises  can be performed sitting on a yogamat or chair. HormonyYoga is also a medical yoga, with focus on balancing your nervous system as well as your hormonal system.

You can read more about the different types of yoga in About Yoga.

Yoga individually or in a group at home or at work

If you find it more convenient, I can arrange yoga sessions in your home or office, one-on-one, or in groups. Suggest this to your friends or colleagues!
Please contact me for an introductory meeting, where we can
discuss your expectations, what type of yoga you prefer, size of your group, your training program and prices.

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