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We start as always with the deep balancing breathing to activate the rest & digest part of our nervous system. Then there will be exercises for mobility in the spine, hips and shoulders and a soft neck exercise.

This week it is only one class online, on Sunday the 19/3 at 10.30 GMT / 11.30 CET. Next week, the classes are back on Thursdays and Sundays as normal.
If you want to do yoga on your own, you find several recorded classes than you can do on your own here.

You find the link to the Zoom class further down on this page.

The online class for this week on Sunday 19/3

We begin the class sitting up, and take some breaths together to prepare for our yoga class. After that we begin with the deep balancing breathing lying down, and then we will do these exercises:

Breathe in and stretch your arms over the head, breathe out, and let you arms fall down, continue and increase the pace of your breathe. Really let your elbows just fall down to the sides of your body.
Cat-cow with hip-circles on all four, or sit on a chair.
Breathe in, lift your chest, stretch your throat, arch your back. Start to circle your hips to the left, your head goes towards your right shoulder.
Breathe out, continue to circle, round your back, let your chin come down towards to your chest.
Your hips moves to the right, your head to your left shoulder. Slow soft circles.
Arm and shoulder stretches.
Clasp your hands and turn your palms out.
Breathe in and bring your palms towards your chest.
Breathe out and stretch your arms in front of you.
Breathe in and stretch your arms over your head.
Breathe out and let your hands come down behind your neck.
Sit with your legs wide, on the floor or on a chair.
Breathe in, straighten your back and when you breathe out fall down over your left leg, let your fingertips stretch out in front of you coming over to your right leg.
Breathe in and straighten your back.
Breathe out and now stretch out over your right leg and then with your hands in a wide bow over to your left leg.
Breathe in and straighten your back.
Continue in your own pace, if you sit on a chair stretch out your hands in a wide bow in front of you.
Slow shoulder lifts.
Breathe in and lift your shoulders up towards your ears.
Breathe out and let them slowly sink down, all the way down..
Breathe in and lift up again.
A slow motion, your breathe decides the pace.
Lie on your back, or sit on a chair. Draw your left leg towards you and breathe in. Breathe out, push your left leg forward and draw your right leg towards your tummy. Continue with alternate legs with good support from your abs.
Then some rest and stretch exercises.
Cat stretch, make sure that both shoulders stay in the mat.
Hands and feet up in the air, first rubbing palms and soles, then stretch up to try to reach the ceiling – and the shake, feel how relaxed your arms and legs are.
Hug your knees, roll from side to side,
Then roll on your spine.
Come up to a sitting position and we will end the class with a breathing exercise.

Please find the link to Zoom below

you can also enter the meeting id and code manually in Zoom
Meeting ID: 455 678 1542
Passcode: YogaLS

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