Online class Thursday

Here are the exercises we will do in the yoga class on Thursday 17.00 GMT (18.00 CET).

If you can’t participate you have some recorded classes that you can do on your own. You find them here.

We start the class with deep balancing breathing and after that we will do these exercises:

We start with an intensive, but short exercise. Squat down, it can be helpful to have a rolled towel or pillows under your heels. Put your hands in the floor or together in front of you. You can also sit in a chair with your elbows on your knees. Make sure that you lift up your chest. We will stay in this position and do the intensive “breath of fire”, breathing through are nose, panting so that your tummy goes in and out. If you feel dizzy, do deep slow breaths instead.
Back and neck flex.
Put your hands on your shoulders. Breathe in, arch your back, draw your elbows back, lift your chest and stretch your neck gently. Breathe out, round your back, let your chin come down towards your chest and bring your elbows in front.
This exercise is called the frog. Squat down, hands in the floor and heels together, lift your chest and take a breath in. Breathe out, straighten your legs and let your head come down. You can also do the exercise with support from a chair.
Put your feet together, and your hands on your ankles – or sit on a chair with a pillow under your feet. Let your knees go up and down like butterfly wings and breathe slow deep breaths.
Sit back on your feet, or cross legged – or on a chair. Clasp your hands and stretch out your index fingers. When we say SAT lift up pelvic floor and draw your navel towards your spine. When we say NAM relax. Sat Nam means “I’m true to myself”. The exercise is stretching out the back, working with endurance holding our arms up and is good for our digestion.
Then some rest and stretch exercises. We end the class with a breathing exercise.

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