Recorded yoga classes

For you that participate on my online classes, I have gathered some more recorded classes here, than those that you find in the menu “Do yoga on your own!”
Each class has a short description of the exercises, so that you can choose which class you want to do.

If you want to do a recorded class in Swedish, you find them here.

When you do yoga on your own:
Make sure that you do all exercises slowly and softly.
At the end of an exercise there is a breathing sequence where you lift up your pelvis and draw your navel towards your spine (it is called a root-lock in yoga) and hold this tension for a short time. This will give a better effect of the exercise. If you have your period or are pregnant – do deep breaths instead.

Recorded classes in English

Deep balancing breathing 
– about 14 min.
Guided breathing exercise that every medical yoga class begins with. You can do this as a class on its own for recuperation and activating the rest and digest system in your body. 

Music: Joel Duberg

Yoga with focus on spine health and relaxation – about 50 min. 
Deep balancing breathing.
Spine circles.
Back and neck flex.
Shoulder lifts and shoulder rolls.
Rest, stretch and a breathing

Calm medical yoga with focus on spine rotations – about 50 min.
Deep balancing breathing.
Diagonal forward bend with arm movement and rotation.
Forward bend over alternate legs with hands ”holding a big ball”.
Dynamic back-hip twist.
Spinal twists – standing up.
Rest, stretch and a breathing exercise.

HormonyYoga with focus on your adrenal glands 
– about 45 min.
Deep balancing breathing.
Cat/cow with hip-circles.
Hip lifts.
Neck half-circles.
Rest, stretch and a breathing exercise.

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